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Current Membership Drive

5 Years Free Dues Raffle

One lucky member of Wilson Country Club will win 5 years of free dues. In order to have the chance to win, a current member must sponsor an incoming member, an incoming member must sign a 2 year contract, or a current member can enter by purchasing a ticket for $500. The drawing will be held at a party, once we have 25 new members. More details on the drawing and how to enter are below!

Eligible Categories: Resident, Associates, Seniors, Singles, Tennis/Pool/Socials

Dues for winner’s membership category:
-Member will still be obligated to cover their Capital Fund and Food Minimum.
-Member will be obligated to cover all other charges on the account.


Member Credit Program

This year will be a great year for discounts, if you recruit at least one new member into the club. If a current member brings in a new member the new member will receive 6 months of credits of 30%. These credits are based off of the new member's monthly dues. The current member will, also, receive a 3 months credit of 30% of their sponsored new member’s monthly dues.

The credits will be for Food & Beverage, cart fees, greens fees (dues not included). The monthly credits will not roll over from month to month. Credit will not apply to the food minimums.
There is no limit on how many new members a current member can bring in.

30% Off for Credits (Examples)
Resident ($355): $106.50 per month in credits

As well as receiving the discounts, you will be entered into the 5 Years Free Dues Raffle, if your sponsored member signs a 2 year contract.

We look forward to another wonderful year and hope to bring in some new faces! If you have any questions regarding these drives, please contact the Administrative Office at 252.291.3815!

Interested in taking a membership tour?

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 10am - 12pm
Sat-Sun 1pm - 12pm
Cocktails 5pm - 12pm
BBQ 1pm - 9pm

Contact Us

4509 Country Club Dr
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